Casa Agricola da Alagoa owns the Quintas da Alagoa and Ferradosa that are located next to Carrazedo of Montenegro, near the Serra da Padrela, at an altitude of 650m.It has 140 hectares of agricultural use, self-sufficient based on the chestnut, olive groves and vineyards. All production is certified ORGANIC PRODUCTION mode since 2001.

All produce is organically grown and certified by SOCERT, the Portuguese Organic Quality Control entity. Amidst fields and woods, the farm buildings of unusual historical and cultural value are an excellent example of rustic architecture.

The old farmhouse, labourers lodgings, barn and other outhouses have been restored and adapted for agrotourism. The farm is a member of TER (Tourismo no Espaço Rural – Rural Tourism Association).


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The Quinta D'Alagoa is a member of the T.E.R. – Rural Tourism Association.
At the heart of this vast estate are the farm buildings. They have been proposed as Listed Buildings, in recognition of their historic and cultural value.

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The Agricultural House Alagoa, in partnership with some members of Portuguese Magazine Olhares, usually hold a small photographic raid, in Quinta d'Alagoa and the surrounding area, with the title "TRÁS OS MONTES – NATURAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE. This event is held on a date to disclose in order to add some lovers of photography and members of Magazine Olhares, for holding a meeting of organic farming.

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