In an IPPAR article (Portuguese Heritage Institute) about Alagoa Farm

"The Quinta D'Alagoa is surrounded by beautiful countryside in a well preserved environment. (...) Organised around a semi-circular central yard, the farm consists of 5 main buildings and several outhouses – the Casa da Quinta (Farmhouse), the Casa do Caseiro (Farm Manager's House), the Olive Oil Lagar (press), the Wine Lagar and Adega (press and cellar), the Alpendre (porch), stores and stables, a stone wood-fired oven and a barn. Some of these buildings were temporarily used for seasonal farm labourers' lodgings (...)

As an example of rustic architecture, we recognize historical and cultural value in this farm. The well-preserved buildings reveal an ancient way of occupying land, economic activity and social organization that is typical of this region, yet sadly is gradually disappearing. Also of great value are the technological aspects of the various buildings and of the original machinery, all in excellent condition."

The Casa da Quinta and the Casa dos Hóspedes were always lived in. All other buildings were used to house farming machines, equipment and produce: storage, drying crops, animal stables, olive oil and wine making. The oven served not only to bake bread, but also to cook other typical Trás-os-Montes delicacies.

This farm community is unique in the district, preserving into the 21st century its character and style, reminiscent of the Alentejo "montes" (typical farms of the Southern part of Portugal) and the integrity of its buildings.
The Casa das Mulheres , the Casa do Caseiro and the Casa dos Moços housed the seasonal farm labourers. These buildings have been restored to modern day comfort standards whilst retaining many original features and their historic names.

One of the few remaining examples of their kind, the Alpendre and the Coberto da Nora (waterwheel porch) consist of a notable wooden roof structure that sits on unusually wide cylindrical stone pillars.
The traditional Lagar do Azeite retains all its original parts with a remarkable granite millstone.



During this month we have for small groups Casa dos Moços, Casa do Caseiro, Casa da Nora and Casa da Nora. Breakfast is delivered to the door of the lodgings every morning.


The farm products are certified (SOCERT) in organic farming since 2001. All products can be purchased in the farm subject to availability or by prior request.


Within the boundaries of the farm there are nearly 15 kilometres of paths through fields, pastures and woods through which you may choose to walk, cycle (reservation needed) or ride (from next summer). They will take you through farmed land, grazing fields, chestnut groves, woods and forests.
The Quinta D'Alagoa suggests mountain bike outings, within and beyond the farm, visiting villages and national heritage monuments.


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