V Photo Tour

In May 5, Alagoa organizes V PHOTO TOUR Alagoa Farm 2012 (co-organized with elements of the site and the DEBA olhares.com / UTAD), entitled "Importance of Biodiversity conservation in agricultural middle mountain and agro-ecotourism. "This is an ideal place for those who wish to spend a day in nature, in contact with the field and in the company of photography, in the calm lands of Trás-os-Montes, more specifically in the region of Carrazedo Montenegro - Chaves.



Buy a Pig (Bísaro): Order a growing pig Bisaro. From the play with the number of health checks can follow its development on the farm and pays a monthly treat your Bisaro. We entrust him set up with about 150 kg and guarantee the best quality. Try it!

Study Visits

We provide internships for graduates and study sites for classes, etc. Masters.
Casa Agrícola D'Alagoa organizes study visits for groups of students from schools and universities, and provide meals for groups upon request.


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