Only manure produced by the farm animals is used to fertilize the fields. For more nutrient demanding annual produce crop rotation is employed. Beneficial plants are encouraged to grow on fallow fields which are then ploughed into the soil, naturally fertilizing the land.

Years of disuse, along with the farm's location and its weather exposure give crops natural protection against pests and diseases.



The Quinta D'Alagoa took organic farming and preservation of biodiversity one step further by choosing autochthonous breeds of cattle and farm animals that are becoming rare.

The farm has 20 cows of the Maronesa breed (certified organic produce) and will soon be investing in Churra sheep and Bísaro pigs. All animals will be produced extensively (following all directives of organic farming).



Making use of its rich resources, the Quinta D'Alagoa produces olive oil, wine and vinegar. Jams, traditional sausages, cheese, crystallised and dried fruits, dried herbs and medicinal plants will soon be available.
The olive oil, made in small quantities and exclusively with the organic olives grown on the farm, is pressed in a certified on-site 'lagar' (press). The outstandingly high quality obtained excellent results in the 2003/2004 harvest:

Maximum acidity: 0.15%
K270: 0.10
Peroxides: Meq/Kg 2

Pressed from organic grapes, the wine is made in the traditional fashion and aged in oak barrels. The alcohol volume averages 13%.

Vinegar is produced from the organic grape must (unfermented grape juice) and is also aged in oak barrels.

Traditional smokehouse

In wintertime Pigs (Bisaro) with about 150 kg to go Fumeiro shaped sausages (1 month), sausages and sausages (2 months) and ham (2 years). The hams are cured naturally out of the smokehouse in cold compartments studied for this purpose. We try What to do the drying of smoking without smoke and with a little salt.


Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Generally used to enhance and enrich flavours or as teas and infusions for human consumption, the herbs and medicinal plants farmed at the Quinta D'Alagoa are of excellent quality. No artificial chemicals are used throughout the process.



Organic Farming

Apart from its main crops of 3 hectares (about 7 acres) of vine, 16 hectares (about 40 acres) of olive and 23 hectares (about 57 acres) of chestnut, the Quinta D'Alagoa also grows vegetables, has orchards and 10 hectares (about 25 acres) of Lameiro (water meadows). There are oak, poplar and pine woods.
Organic farming was adopted throughout the farm in 2001 and is certified by SOCERT, the Portuguese Organic Quality Control entity. No artificial chemicals are used in fertilization, neither are pesticides or herbicides used. The cattle consume only natural fodder.


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